My clinical practice. Answers to the typical questions:

Where are you located?
My practice is located at 4350 Executive Drive, Suite 255, San Diego, CA.

What type of clients do you see?
I see clients who believe that there is a major problem in their life that is being created by ongoing stress, trauma, and anxiety. At times, this is due to a recent major loss or other negative event – an accident, frightening incident, or loss of a significant other. At other times, it may be due to a historical trauma, such as child abuse.

Do you take insurance?
No, but I do discount my rates for those who cannot afford my full fee.

What is your philosophy of treatment?
I am trained as a trauma psychologist, so I know (and teach) the various forms of trauma treatment (such as exposure, cognitive processing therapy, and CBT. I combine this with analysis of your relational skills (how you get yourself into trouble with certain repeated patterns of relating to others), and teaching the strategies of self-acceptance and mindfulness.

What would the pattern of treatment be?
Because I am an academic, forensic psychologist, researcher and clinician, I am out of town about once a month. Most clients see me two to three times a month. For those with a recent trauma, the initial treatment process usually takes about three months. For those with more extensive goals – change in relational patterns, for instance – the process typically takes 9 months to a year.

My practice is often full, and there can be a waiting list (or I can refer you to someone else who also specializes in trauma). To contact me, leave a message at 858-635-4835.

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